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Automatic Transmission in Berwick
automatic transmission system
The transmission performs the vital function of passing or transmitting the power or energy produced in the engine of the vehicle to the wheels.
And so, its regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the safety on the road as well as enjoy the superior performance of the vehicle. Most of the cars built today have automatic transmission system, which is entirely controlled by the built-in computer sensors. The device Transmission Control Unit, i.e., TCU reads information from the sensors & Engine Control Unit (ECU) to determine whether gear change is required or not.
It decides the type of the gear to which the car needs to be shifted during different situations arising in the drive so that your vehicle performs well without losing on safety or fuel economy.
Over time, the different components of the transmission system can get affected, thereby generating the need for repairs & servicing of Automatic Transmission in South East Melbourne. They can also get damaged due to excessive or rough use.
We carry out Car Servicing and complete Gearbox repair, Drive Shaft repair, & other tasks across Pakenham, Berwick & so on.